The Capitol are the enemy: its citizens are vapid, selfish, exploitative, narcissistic and worst of all apathetic..The only time anyone from the Districts looks anything like something in that lookbook is when children are brought to the Capitol and dolled up to be paraded around on live TV as though they were props instead of humans (because of course, to the Capitol, they are props)


I’ve deleted this blog. It was damaging and you know, I’m in a better place now. It was a quick decision, like pulling off a band-aid. I didn’t tell anyone, I didn’t make it a huge deal. It’s done, and I’m good.

I loved it, I had it for three some odd years and it helped me through a rough time, but that time is behind me.

Thanks to everyone who stuck by me through my ups and downs, and if you want to message me, you can reach me at my fandom blog here.

Take care of yourselves